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Trees / Shrub Privacy Fence

Adding trees/shrub to your fence line is a great way to add privacy - often even better privacy than your standard 6-feet tall fence - and rustic appeal.

I recommend using shrub that is evergreen, needs very little maintenance, and grows great in Austin climate (drought tolerant, plus does not mind occasional winter freeze).

Shrub privacy fence does require annual pruning, but pruning takes less time than cleaning/staining of the wooden fence. Shrub privacy fence is also a great way to cover up existing chainlink fence.

Here are several shrubs I recommend for privacy fence:

wax myrtle privacy fence

Wax Myrtle Privacy Fence. Wax Myrtle is TX native, plus it repels mosquitoes.

Red Tip Photinia privacy fence

Red Tip Photinia Privacy Fence. You will get a pretty wall of red for a few months a year.

Leyland Cypress privacy fence

Leyland Cypress Privacy Fence. Spectacular. Will get very tall without regular trimming.


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