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Rustic Xeriscape Landscaping Design + Install + Maintain

Austin Rustic is very passionate about designing and installing beautiful, easy-to-maintain, long-lasting Austin landscapes.

I use drought-tolerant, low-water (also called xeriscaping) plants as much as possible. That makes your outdoor area lower-maintenance and also allows you to use less water. In many cases it will also allow you to use less complex sprinkler system.

I mostly use Central Texas natives as a starting point to create your own unique palette. I use non-native plants that do great in Austin climate.

Mainetance done with no/minimal use of hedging shears. I prune shrubs and trees by hand to make the most of each plant's natural habit. Rustic landscaping reflects nature, and there are very few crisp, cut, trimmed enges in nature.

Austin heriscape landscaping.

Austin heriscape landscaping.


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